Qualification Committee

The task of the Qualification Committee is to maintain and execute a qualification system for AHOsailing restricted events.
Chairman: Ronald Prummel (Qualify[at]

If you disagree with the decision of the Qualification Committee you can appeal at the Appeals Committee.

Kas Commissie

The Kas Commissie checks the Financial Reports made up by the Treasurer of the Board and reports to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Marius van Noort (voorzitter)
Hilde Schnitzler
Hans van der Gulik

Constitution Committee

The task of the Constitution Committee is to prepare a proposal to the Annual General Meeting for updating the constitution. This concerns updates required by the “Nieuw Burgelijk Wetboek” , updates needed because the NASAF has developed in the passed years and possible updates required by the fact that the Netherlands Antilles ends to exist as a country.
Frank Hoedemaker (board representative)
Rita Merkies
Alex Roose

Committee Conflict of Interest Board Members

The Committee Conflict of Interest Board Members will be appointed by the AGM and has as task to appoint a person that will replace a board member when that board member has a conflict of interest in matters regarding the Federation.

Appeals Committee

The appeals committee administers and decides appeals and request to AHOsailing (National Authority) according to RRS 70 and 71 and Appendix F.
The appeals committee consists of:
David de Vries (International Judge)
Cor van Aanholt (International Judge)
Harmen Donker
Henry Hernandez
Alex Roose
For each appeal or request a panel of three person will be appointed. The panel will preferably consist of at least one International Judge. Interested parties shall not take part in a panel according to RRS 71.1 The Appeals Committe can be reached by email:

Funding Committee