ISAF Worlds


The ISAF Worlds for Olympic Classes is held every 4 years (2011, 2015, …..)
The ISAF Worlds is a restricted event and can only be entered through NASAF
2011 ISAF Worlds
dates: 3 to 18 December
Venue Perth, Australia
website: isaf-worlds
event website:
Notice of Race: NOR
More important INFO

deadline for participant to apply for qualification with NASAF: 14 February 2011
send email to qualify[at] (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in
deadline for application for priority entries and payment by NASAF at ISAF: 28 February 2011
Each MNA is entitled to one priority entry per event. See NOR 3.11.1
priority places have been applied for and granted for the following classes:
Laser Standard (one)
Laser Radial (one)
RS-X Male (one)
RS-X Female (one)
Applications have been received from:
Laser Standard (one): Dennis van den Berg and Ard van Aanholt
Laser Radial (one): Philipine van Aanholt
RS-X Male (one): Ingmar Schnitzler (Ingmar has withdrawn himself)
RS-X Female (one): Monique Meijer

deadline for application by NASAF for ISAF Qualification Commission places: 30 June 2011
an application has been made for one additional Laser Standard ISAF Qualification Commission place. Early July ISAF will inform us if we will receive that requested additional place.

deadline participants registration by NASAF at organizers: 18 November 2011