Introduction restricted international events

Sailing events are either open or restricted.
Open events can be entered by a sailors themselves. Most sailing events are open events. Examples are Bonaire Regatta, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, Dutch Youth Regatta, Sneekweek, Orange Bowl in Miami and thousands more.
For restricted events sailors can only be entered by a National Class Association or the National Sailing Federation (this is AHOsailing for Curacao and St. Maarten). Examples of Class Association related restricted events are Optimist Worlds, Laser North Americans, etc.
AHOsailing administrates ISAF/IOC related restricted events. Examples of AHOsailing related restricted international events are the Panam Games, Olympic Games and ISAF Youth Worlds. Only AHOsailing is authorized by ISAF and NAOC to enter participants in these events. The amount of places allocated to each country is limited. For the ISAF Youth Worlds and the Olympic Games the maximum is 1 person/team per participating class, for the Central American and Caribbean Games the maximum is two entries per class.

For several reasons AHOsailing needs to know at an early stage who is interested in participating in AHOsailing restricted events. In the event that there are more sailors interested than the amount of places allocated by the international organization, AHOsailing will set up a qualification system. Furthermore the organizing committees of the events have deadlines for preliminary entries and payments.

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