Restricted International Events

First read Introduction Restricted International Events.

Restricted International Events that can only be entered through AHOsailing are:
Held once every 4 years:

Held every 2 years:

Held every year:

If you are interested to participate in one or more of the above events, you will have to officially inform AHOsailing by sending an email to Qualify[at] before the relevant deadline.
If you send the emailafter this deadline you will not be considered in a qualification process. If completed after this AHOsailing deadline, but before the deadline of the event organizer and AHOsailing is still able enter participants, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

For the NAOC related International Restricted Events the NAOC Uitzend Criteria and the NAOC Code of conduct are applicable.
AHOsailing may require a deposit to guarantee your commitment.
Please take care with using medicines. Check the WADA list of forbidden substances.