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PanAm candidates

If you want to be considered a candidate for the PANAM Games please send an email before 6 November 2010 to:

AHOsailingQualify[at]  (replace [at] by @)
and include the following information:
 your name
 class you want to participate in
We will get back to you with all relevant information.
Some important info can be found on:

2011 PANAM Games


The PANAM Games are the Pan American Games and are being held every four years (2011, 2015, …)
The PANAM Games are a restricted event.

2011 XVI Pan American Games

dates: 23-29 October 2011
Venue Guadalajara, Mexico
Please read carefully the Notice of Race as published on the ISAF site or the most-up-to-date NOR on the PASAF site
A country has to qualify under the qualification rules of PASAF
The Netherlands Antilles will have to qualify for each PANAM class it would like to participate in.
See this list for countries that have qualified.

For information on ISAF website.
Schedule Sailing

The following sailors have qualified the country and themselves:
Monique Meijer, RS-X, Female
Philipine van Aanholt, Laser Radial, Female
Ard van Aanholt, Sunfish, Open
(Note: Sunfish Worlds 2011 has been sailed; Ard van Aanholt finished 4th overall and was first applicant):
AHO still needs to qualify the country in the Sunfish Class.
The last possibility to qualify the country is at the Sunfish Worlds 2011 in Curacao.
Only two country places are still available.
When AHO qualifies it can have one sailor represent the country.
Qualification system for who will represent AHO in Sunfish if country qualifies:
The following sailors have applied to participate in Sunfish in the 2011 PANAM Games:
Alexandra Siebels
Ard van Aanholt
Eugene Hendrikx
Jarrik Bijsterbosch
Just van Aanholt
Kevin van Otterdijk
The applicant that finishes highest in the Sunfish Worlds 2011 in Curacao will represent AHO at the PANAM Games in Sunfish. When this applicant does not want to represent AHO at the PANAM Games the next highest applicant will be elected and so on.