2012 ISAF Youth Worlds

2012 ISAF Youth Worlds
dates: 12 to 21 July
Venue: Dublin Bay, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
website: www.isafyouthworlds.com

15 January 2012: deadline for participant to apply for qualification with NASAF
send email to qualify[at]AHOsailing.org (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in
15 January 2012: deadline payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by applicant to NASAF
31 January 2012: deadline equipment registration and payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by NASAF to organizers
 6 February 2012: deadline APP application by NASAF at ISAF
30 April 2011: deadline participants registration and entry fee payment by NASAF at organizers
Laser Radial Boys applicants:
  • Louis Hendrikx,
  • Eugene Hendrikx,
  • Kevin van Otterdijk,
  • Just van Aanholt
Qualifier Laser Radial Boys: Dutch Youth Regatta 2012 Workum 17-20 May
Winner qualifier: Just van Aanholt
AHOsailing has been represented by:
Just van Aanholt, Laser Radial Boys, 26th